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Smart Jewels is a Customizable Software which meets all your Jewelry Business needs with following Modules


Finance Manager

Finance Manager
  • Currency Master, Balance Sheet
  • Chart of Accounts, Day Closing
  • Profit and Loss Statement
  • Trial Balance, Journal Voucher
  • Payment Voucher, Receipt Voucher
  • Batch Posting & Cancel Posting
  • Day Book, Cash Book
  • Statement of Account
  • Cost Center
  • Year-End Wizard for Auto Year Closing
  • Reverse Year-End Wizard
  • Standard Financial Reports

Jewelry Sales Manager

Jewelry Sales Manager
  • Create Invoices with your Own Branding
  • Maintain Customer Birth and Anniversary Dates Required for Greetings
  • Maintain Customer Last Purchase Details for Quick Information
  • Maintains day to day Prices per Metal (Gold, Silver, Platinum etc.)
  • Ability to Recalculate Metal Items Based on Market Price.
  • Ability to pay by Customer in form of Metal itself or both Metal and Currency.
  • Block Sales Price Changes for Non-Authorized Users
  • Sales Quotation
  • Sales Executive Commissions & their Payments
  • Sales Invoice
  • Bar Code for Invoicing
  • Cash, Credit, Panel wise Invoicing
  • Product based Profit Analysis
  • Day based Profit Analysis
  • Profit Analysis on Sales Executives
  • Customer Statement
  • Cash Collection Report
  • Sales Reports

Jewelry Purchase Manager

Jewelry Purchase Manager
  • Vendor File
  • Purchase Order Created from Sales Order
  • Goods Receive Note
  • Purchase Invoicing
  • Store Material Request
  • Store Issue Slip
  • Vendor Payments
  • Vendor Payments Approval System
  • Vendor Settlement
  • Vendor Statement
  • Vendor Payables
  • Purchase Reports

Inventory Manager

Inventory Manager
  • Inventory Items File
  • Multiple Inventory Locations/Branches
  • Warehouse Management
  • Unit of Measurement by Item
  • Item Stock Reminder & Value
  • Item Movement History
  • Item Price List
  • Stock Adjustment
  • Item Category
  • Item Stock Reports

Hr Manager

Hr Manager
  • Employee Information mapped to Attendance Machine
  • Time sheet data import from Attendance Machine
  • Employee Auto Leave Registry based on Timesheet
  • Manager Approval of Timesheet
  • Auto Update Settings for Employee Additions and Deductions
  • Manager Approval for Absents
  • Manager Approval for Additions and Deductions
  • Salary Processing based on Timesheet
  • Holidays Setup
  • Working Shift and Hours Setup

Payroll Manager

Payroll Manager
  • Employee Salary Pprocess for each Month
  • Employee Salary Payments
  • Bank Transfer - Online Salary Transfer (WPS) Supported
  • Additions and Deductions Manual Entry
  • Employee Loans
  • Employee Loan Adjustment
  • User Defined Pay-Codes & Accrual-Codes for Flexibility
  • Different Types of Pay Calculations
  • Different Types of Salary Payment Methods
  • Attendance Data Integration for Timesheet Based Calculation
  • Government Insurance Auto Calculation & Payments
  • GL Account Mapping
  • Payroll Related Reports