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Smartx Payroll is a customizable payroll software which automates the process of salary payment with a simple and easier process. Compared to paper-based systems, payroll software significantly speeds the payroll process while reducing errors and enabling managers to more easily customize paychecks for individual employees. Smartx Payroll take care of your HR processes while you take care of your employees. From onboarding and attendance management to time tracking and appraisals, we've got it all covered.


HR Manager

HR Manager
  • It is more about Human Resource information & document keeping with reminders
  • Employee Profile with complete details
  • ATTACHMENT of Employee IQAMA and other document copies, and used for printing for later use
  • REMINDER for Employee IQAMA EXPIRY and other documents expiry
  • Employee dependents and family information which includes their passport etc
  • Set Employee Positions (Job titles)
  • Annual Vacation & other Leaves processing
  • Employee Vacation-Balance information
  • Employee Salary Revision Process
  • Employee Salary Revision History
  • Employee Separation (Termination) & End of Service Calculation
  • Standard Reports

Payroll Manager

Payroll Manager
  • It is more about Employee Salary Processing & Payments
  • Enter Employee Additions & Deductions in each month
  • Process Salary in each month and Simplifying the Salary Process
  • Automated salary for each month
  • Automated processing & Auto Emailing of Employee Pay-Slip
  • Salary Payments by WPS File Transfer, Bank Transfer, Check or Cash
  • Generate Bank Payment by uploading WPS file for Bank Transfer
  • Set Basic Salaries, Transportation Allowances, Housing Allowances and other payments through user defined pay-codes
  • Set Salary Deductions, Loan Deductions and other deductions through User defined deduction-codes
  • Four types of payment calculation setups:
  • Fixed Amount
  • Fixed Percentage
  • Variable Amount
  • Variable Percentage
  • Employee Loans and Automated Deduction while Processing Salaries
  • Employee Loan Adjustments facility for Loan Repayments
  • Salary increment process and pay-raise history
  • Standard Reports

Attendance Manager

Attendance Manager
  • It is more about employee attendances & its processing
  • Auto calculation of additions or deductions from time sheet data
  • Time sheet data import facility
  • Standard reports
  • Time sheet approval for worked hours by the managers from imported data
  • Reports based on Work hours and Worked Hours
  • Assign General Holidays

Recruitment Manager

Recruitment Manager
  • Get Employment Online Request
  • Create Job Vacancies in Smartx Payroll to Publish it in your Website Online
  • Get Employment Request through Company Website
  • Search Content in the CV (Candidate Resume) in advance search
  • Shows list of matching CV
  • Details of Employment Request
  • Approve & Register Employment Request to Schedule Interview
  • Schedule Employment Request Time
  • Schedule Candidate Request Time
  • Employee Receiving Email
  • Candidate Receiving Email for Interview
  • Recruitment Registration
  • Create Job Offer
  • Interview Candidate Receiving Offer Letter By Email
  • Update Status

Employee Self Service (ESS)

Employee Self Service (ESS)
  • Employee Dashboard & Facilities:
  • Employees can view their dashboard and other relevant information after log into the portal using their login credentials. The dashboard will show a summary of login employee relevant information along with a company ‘Notice Board’ published to the employees.
  • Notice Board
  • It is an Electronic notice board published to the employees by the company authorities.
  • Employee Profile on the web
  • A page will be available to show the complete profile of an employee.
  • Policy and procedures
  • Employees can access policies and procedures in pdf format. It could be related to Human Resource, Operations, Purchasing, Libraries, Health and Safety etc.
  • Employee Vacation Forms
  • Employees can access and fill vacation request form. Once submitted it will email his manager for approval and then, HR department can provide a final approval.