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Smartx Manufacture is easily customizable according to the customer needs and available at best price. It manages production of finished goods from bill of materials, cost calculation, production of by-products, wastage maintenance, stock maintenance, financial posting etc.


Production Manager

Production Manager
  • Calculate Net Cost for Finished Products based on used Materials, Labors (Employees) and Equipment (Fixed Assets)
  • Production Order and Production Release
  • Auto Inventory Cost Allocation & Financial Posting of Finished Products & Used Materials
  • Production of By-Products
  • Define items for BOM (Bill of Materials) and its Quantity
  • Assemble New Items to the stock
  • Sales Invoicing of BOM items
  • BOM Stock Reports

Finance Manager

Finance Manager
  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement
  • Trial Balance
  • Statement of Account
  • Customized Chart of Accounts
  • Cost Center Expense Distribution & Reporting
  • Free Text Facility for Expense Booking with Credit Purchases
  • Check Printing
  • Journal Voucher
  • Payment Voucher
  • Receipt Voucher
  • Day Book
  • Cash flow Statement
  • Accounts Receivables
  • Accounts Payables
  • Year-End Wizard for Auto Year Closing
  • Year-End Wizard for Auto Accounts Closing & Balance Transferring
  • Financial Reports

Sales Manager

Sales Manager
  • Create Customers & Attach its Documents
  • Selling & Invoicing of both Products & Services
  • Sales Quotation & Sales Order
  • Complete Sales Processing through, Sales Quotation, Sales Order, Delivery Note & Invoicing. Single entry in Quotation helps the user to complete the entire process.
  • Customer Invoice with VAT with Customer PO Reference for easy Tracking
  • Customer Receivable Summary
  • Customer Statement
  • Customer Payment Receipt entry against each Sales Invoice
  • Customer Advance Payment Receipt & Invoice Settlement for the Advances
  • Sales Order Tracking & Follow up
  • Material Delivery Request
  • Delivery Tracking & Follow up
  • Issue Delivery Note based on Delivery Request (Sales Order)
  • Sales Enquiry Recording, CRM Dashboard & Follow up
  • Customer based Profit Analysis & Graphical Reports
  • Product based Profit Analysis
  • Sales Executives based Profit Analysis
  • Sales Executive Commission Calculation & Payments
  • Customer Debit Notes
  • Sales Reports

Purchase Manager

Purchase Manager
  • Create Vendor & Attach its Documents
  • Purchase Order (PO) & its Follow-up
  • Complete Purchase Processing through, Purchase Order, Goods Receive Note (GRN) & Purchase Invoicing. Single entry in Purchase Order helps the user to complete the entire Process
  • Set Current Market Price for Products for Price Reference
  • Purchase Invoice with VAT
  • Foreign Purchase with Multiple Currency
  • Freight Vendor Management & Freight Cost Distribution in Purchase
  • Vendor Payables
  • Vendor Statement
  • Previous Purchase History & Access them easily on the same screen for PO bookings
  • Request for Quotation (RFQ)
  • RFQ Auto Emailing to Selected Vendors
  • RFQ Price Comparison Chart & Analysis
  • Material Purchase Request
  • Create Purchase Order based on Material Purchase Request
  • Goods Receive Note (GRN) based on Purchase Order
  • Vendor Payment entry against each Purchase
  • Vendor Advance Payment & Purchase Settlement for the Advances
  • Vendor Credit Note
  • Purchase Report

Inventory Manager

Inventory Manager
  • Create Inventory Items (Products) for Stock & Trading
  • Create Service Items for Service Selling
  • Minimum Quantity and Re-Order Quantity Setup & Tracking
  • Current Stock Overview Dashboard
  • Inventory Stock Summary & Total Value of the Stock
  • Inventory Transaction Summary
  • Inventory Movement History to track each transaction of a product
  • Supplier based Inventory & Transaction Tracking
  • Warehouse Management
  • Multiple Inventory Locations & Stock Tracking
  • Inventory Adjustment Entries
  • Annual Inventory Updates
  • Item Price List
  • Item Categories
  • Set different Units for each Item
  • Inventory Expiry & Batch based Reports
  • Inventory Reports