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Software Division

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OlivoERP as Cloud Solution

Dashboard, CRM, Sales, Finance, Purchase, Inventory, HR, Payroll, Fixed Asset, Task Management with Multiple Locations, Branches and Multiple Companies

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Accounting & Inventory Software

Advanced   Accounting   Features
with simple   Interface of   Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Finance and Reports.

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OlivoSchool Software

OlivoSchool offer one of the largest selections of scalable School software systems with Arabic & English Support.

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HR and Payroll Software with Dashborad Employee Info, Salary Calculation, Leave Registry, Salary Processing, Attendance Machine Integration and more.

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Olivo CRM

Create Leads /Opportunities, Acivities,Workflow, Customers, Contacts, Projects, Auto emailing of Activities and more

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Point of Sales with ERP

Create Invoices at Point of Sales and Collect Payment from Customers. Integrated with ERP application

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ERP as Solution

Sales, Finance, Purchase, HR, Inventory, Payroll and Fixed Asset with Multiple Locations and Multiple Branches

Contracting & Projects Management logo


A clear Status of a Project, its Profits & Progress,its Cost analysis, Material usage, Manpower usage etc

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Fixed Asset Management logo

Fixed Asset Management

Asset Master file, Asset Purchase, Auto Depreciation process, Asset Suspension, Asset transfer and more.

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Manufacturing Management logo


Smartx Manufacture is easily customizable according to the customer needs and available at best price.

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Manpower Contractst logo

Manpower Contracts

Manpower data,  its Mobilization, Invoicing,   Customer   Receivable &   Payments,  Cost   Calculation, Document Management, Financial Posting etc.

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Apartment/Tenant Manager logo

Apartment/Tenant Manager

More about Tenant Master File, Receivable Statement and related transactions.

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Enhance Business Productivity with Cloud Software Solutions

At Olivo Technologies, we are dedicated to elevating your business excellence through our unparalleled cloud software solutions. We are here to optimize your outcomes while simplifying your workflow with most user-friendly software solutions. Our expert team comprehensively understands your business and tailors solutions to meet its unique needs. Partner with us today and unlock unparalleled growth opportunities you've never experienced before.

Our Valued Clients

At the heart of every successful business lies the foundation of trust. Since our establishment in 2010, we've had the privilege of serving hundreds of clients who have put their trust in us. We take immense pride in presenting our satisfied clients.

The Team Olivo

Efficiency is at the heart of every successful software project. At Olivo Technologies, we have an experienced team of software professionals dedicated to streamlining processes, optimizing workflows, and delivering top-notch solutions to meet clients needs. With a commitment to efficiency, we ensure your projects are on time, on budget, and exceed expectations. By partnering with Olivo Technologies, you can rest assured that your software endeavors will be marked by efficiency, precision, and outstanding results.

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A cloud-centric approach allows software companies to leverage scalable and flexible cloud infrastructure, reducing the need for on-premises hardware. This can lead to cost savings, improved reliability, and easier scalability.

Our cloud-centric software offers improved accessibility and collaboration opportunities. Users can effortlessly access their data and applications from any device with an internet connection.

We've implemented robust centralized data security measures in our cloud-centric software, ensuring that customers need not worry about data breaches. Your data remains secure while you enjoy our software.

Cloud-centric software enables seamless updates and maintenance. Companies can deploy updates without disrupting users, and tasks like backups and security patching can be automated to reduce downtime.

Yes, we do provide the most user-friendly interface and an exceptional user experience to ensure that our customers find our software easy to navigate and operate. You or your employee no need to be a software expert to use our software. It is that simple.