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Point of Sales
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  • POS with VAT Invoicing
  • Barcode Read and Print
  • Manages Sales, Purchase & Inventory
  • Automated Day Closing Email
  • Tax Filing made Simple & Quicker
  • User Data Entry Security


Sales Manager
  • Daily & Monthly Sales Profit Analysis
  • BI (Business Intelligence) Reports
  • Daily Closing Facility (Transactions Daily Closing)
  • Invoice Based Profit Analysis
  • Sales Executives Based Profit Analysis
  • Sales Analysis Reports
  • Customer File & its Document Management
  • Customer Based Profit Analysis & Reports
  • Customer receivable summary
  • Customer Statement for Credit Customers


Purchase Manager
  • Purchase Invoicing
  • Book Freight Charges Multi Vendors in Purchase Panel
  • Efficient Calculation of Cost from Freight Charges
  • Multi - Currency Support to make the Transactions Quicker
  • Supplier file
  • Supplier Payments and Settlements
  • Supplier Balance, Vendor Statements
  • Supplier Balance, Vendor Statements
  • vendor Ageing for Analysis
  • Free-text Purchase Invoicing for Cost Entries
  • Vendor Debit Note
  • Purchase Reports


Inventory Manager
  • Production Creation & Multiple Units of Measurement by Product
  • Product Based Profit Analysis
  • Stock Managements
  • Periodic Stock Status
  • Products Transaction Records & Movement History
  • Current Stock Status and Current Stock Value
  • Inventory Valuation Summary
  • Product Categories
  • Set Multiple Prices for a Product
  • Products List by Rack
  • Manage Service Items
  • Prices and its Transaction History
  • Manage Barcode and Batch Code
  • Material usage Status by Products
  • Annual Inventory updates and Inventory Adjustments
  • Inventory Reports


Premium module with Accounting and Inventory to manage your complete Business and get right status of your Business with Finance Manager

Finance Manager

Finance Manager
  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit & Loss (P&L) Report
  • Payment Voucher
  • Receipt Voucher
  • Journal Voucher
  • Year-end Wizard for Auto Accounts closing & Balance Transferring
  • Financial Related Reports